Behind the Unagii brand

Our values, identity, and design

Unagii looks different from a year ago when we first started. During our early whiteboarding days, Unagii was nothing more than walls of scribbles and diagrams of gameplans. It was a challenge visualizing how Unagii should look, what Unagii should become, and what Unagii would stand for. And when we're playing in a rapidly moving market, we have to adapt and change faster than we imagined.

Our initial releases of Unagii went through several random concepts that were either dated in design or didn't represent what we envision well as we progressed. With a new DeFi product (Unagii Vaults) on our roadmap, we felt that the Unagii experience and identity needed an upgrade in several ways. After all, Unagii has always been about the yield experience.

Unagii is now transformed not just in identity but in our positioning as we march forwards this year. We modified our multi-colored logo into a stronger, simple, and modern lockup. The new logo speaks of the confidence we have in our newly grounded focus - of becoming an enjoyable platform for smart, simple, DeFi yields that users will love. It's a signal that we're standing strong with grand plans ahead.

The identity was built on our bold ambitions for growth beyond a market filled with lookalike dev builds, wild memes, and exclusive sub-cultures. Unagii is different. It's friendly, unique, and relatable. Our visual treatment of soft gradients helps bring balance and calm in a space where most users are in constant stress and anxiety. A feeling that hits our Co-Founders way too close to home.

Read more about our brand story here.

Unagii is very much still in its infancy. And we're only just starting our journey of developing an inclusive brand, alongside the build of a useful sustainable product. One that appeals to a globally diverse group of users looking for convenience and above-market returns in their investments.

It's never too early to care about the brand you're building. And I'm certain Unagii will evolve organically as we grow in how we communicate and the image we portray. So we'd love to invite you to try our products and connect deeper with you on our socials - Twitter or Telegram.

Join us as we redefine the digital asset yield experience.
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