Introducing Unagii

Behind the Unagii DeFi story. How it started, where it's at, and what it's all about.

Unagii is the brainchild of the team. It is a single platform connecting users to digital assets, in a smarter way.

My Co-Founder and I imagine an internet where anyone can have easy access to trustless financial systems. Yet, current tools and services are such a hassle to interact with multi-layered processes. Even for us as seasoned users of cryptocurrency.

So we decided to build a smarter solution ourselves.

In the background

As a staking infrastructure firm at, I'm incredibly proud of our journey. Over the past few months, our team has been heads-down building up Unagii - from speccing out the product and iterating on a fresh interface, to tackling critical bugs and fixes.

However, in recent weeks, we've had to reorient our ship so we can focus on a mightier sail towards the sea of yields. And that means a reprioritization on our launch road map.

Since February 2019, we've been building secure and highly reliable blockchain infrastructures validating for multiple proven blockchain projects. To date, we have a growing number of retail and institutional clients globally.

With this growth, we'll double down our services on both fronts, where Unagii focuses on serving our retail users - not only on staking, but in lending, pooling, and so much more. Anticipate a whole new suite of upcoming products and services and all while retaining full asset ownership. This structure allows us to support our current staking users better, capture a broader new audience, and will enable us to explore plenty of growth opportunities in Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Why are we building unagii?

The blockchain industry is innovating at breakneck speed. Unless you're watching the cryptocurrency markets every day, the pace of innovation is too hard to keep up for most.

Which is why we're aiming for Unagii to serve as a hub on the latest - by curating the best available protocols and strategies in the market, providing access to critical innovations, and educating on DeFi for the community. We want to empower anyone with a smarter (and simple) access to DeFi.

With Unagii, the platform will leverage the powers of a new trustless financial system to enable financial opportunities that were once reserved only for the wealthy in legacy finance. While the modularization of DeFi protocols helps spur innovative new financial products that solve existing market issues, much of their work gets lost in translation for the average user.

So we're here to bridge that gap. We're building Unagii for:

  • Investment Savvy Millennials with disposable income and hearty risk appetites,
  • Seasoned Investors looking for easy access to an alternative and emerging asset class,
  • and Anyone New looking to grow their financials with digital assets.

About the platform

At the heart of it, Unagii is a yield aggregation platform. It allows users to transact, manage, and earn on digital assets. For a start, Stakers can expect an improved staking experience and access to more blockchain networks. And all users will have the ability to earn returns on high-yielding accounts.

Bringing the best onto one single platform

From staking to saving and investing, users will have seamless access to broader DeFi yields from some of the best of staking on digital assets, trading and even money markets like Compound and Curve.

Since most DeFi services require advanced financial and technical understanding to execute, with multiple different strategies to generate yield in DeFi, we're here to help simplify that process. Unagii will match users with the best yield generation strategies that optimizes the best rates to earn on.

For example, lending out stablecoins to DeFi lending platforms like Compound and AAVE often fail to generate comparable returns with centralized platforms like Celsius and Block.Fi. Due to the nature of composability in DeFi, we're able to offer our users a smarter way to earn trading fees on top of lending fees, making juicy returns on their portfolio.

Breaking Down Blockchain Complexities

To our crypto readers, remember the first time you tried interacting with blockchain technology? We do—the need to secure seed phrases or private keys to complete transactions still seems archaic. Even the need to hold multiple wallets in different places seems an overkill. So abstracting away complexities like key management and paying gas for transactions, as well as offering easier fiat on/off-ramps is a no-brainer on Unagii.

We want our users to have smarter interactions with digital assets.

What's ahead?

We build! Unagii is still in development, so watch this space to learn a little more about us.

about the author
Mervyn Chng

Co-Founder & CEO