New Vaults. More Yields.

Now Live: Unagii Growth Vaults - WBTC & ETH

It’s taken a while but new vaults are finally here so you can yield more for growth! Today we’re introducing new vaults for two of the most popular assets today - Bitcoin (or more accurately, Wrapped Bitcoin) and Ether.

Unagii is a yield platform offering DeFi yields on autopilot with Vaults and staking services with our Stake product. Users can choose to deposit or stake their assets on our platform to easily earn yields from automated yield farming or rewards from staking on PoS (Proof-of-stake) networks respectively. 

Our Vaults

Earlier in the year, we released the Stash Vaults allowing users to gain above market stable returns with stablecoins without the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Our Vaults auto-farm pooled assets from users that compound earnings on autopilot.

What's new: Growth Vaults

Given the market’s promising uptake towards crypto this year, it’s only natural for us to expand beyond stablecoins and give our users the option to yield on other crypto assets, particularly on Bitcoin and Ether holdings as well.

In terms of strategy, the Growth Vaults are kicking off with yields on the Curve Finance protocol. The WBTC vault yields with the oBTC Metapool strategy, while the ETH vault yields with the stETH pool strategy that supports both ETH and stETH asset deposits. Expected yields will be in the 20% APY range.

As a note and warning to our users, it is also expected that these new vaults will see a higher imbalance in the strategies due to the volatile nature of the assets. This will result in higher bonuses or slippages for deposits and withdrawals.

Harvesting Schedule

We’ve also made a few changes in the way we optimize yields. 

From today’s launch, we’ll be harvesting all vaults every three days instead of daily. With more vaults to Unagii, it means we’ll be consuming heavier gas usage. This is why we’ve made the decision to decrease the frequency of the harvesting schedule for the Vaults to still remain as efficient as possible. 

Rest assured that deposits are continuously earning yields. The implication of this change simply means that while users are still accruing yields in real-time, you will only notice larger and more significant increment in your portfolio interface every three days instead - this is especially poignant for smaller retail investors. As such, we’ve made some small changes to how we’re showing stats to users on the platform, displaying 72H instead of 24H change.

How To Get Started

1. Head to

2. Click on Connect Wallet

3. Continue with an Unagii Account or Anonymously without one

4. Connect your Ethereum wallet

5. Yield with Vaults!

Like to understand more about the Vaults? Read our Docs. Have more questions? Drop us an email at or join our Telegram group and have a chat with us.

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