Unagii and DeFi in 2021

The road ahead and our focus on DeFi yields

Happy 2021!

Before we dive into what's ahead for us at Unagii, I'd first like to take you back to how DeFi has shaped our business decisions in the past year.

In retrospect of this article on Money Legos I first wrote about in June 2020, I'm glad to see the growth of DeFi and the world of programmable money has flourished as a community movement. It's impressive to see the entire cryptocurrency industry move towards embracing Decentralized Finance. There are more yield options for users to earn on their assets than before and a suite of robust DeFi tools to optimize all your yield performances.

As DeFi gained traction, the popularity of fund-raising via ICOs in the early days paved a new way to incentivize users of protocols. How? With governance tokens via airdrops and liquidity mining programs. Such fairer distribution of ownership of decentralized protocols has helped juice fruitful yields for market participants across the entire Ethereum ecosystem. In a time of dovish central bank monetary policy forcing down yields and driving up inflation, the demand for stronger gains has never been higher.

Unagii's focus the past year has been on designing and building on the platform we already have for users to easily access DeFi yields on the Ethereum ecosystem. As a start, I'm proud that Unagii was the first to offer the Kyber community access to KNC staking for ETH yields.

Moving forward, the team and I believe that it's only the beginning for DeFi. Unagii and the entire market still face plenty of challenges. Unfortunately, existing offerings in the market alienate the most average consumer from access with complex designs and high gas or high fees. 

With Unagii, we'll continue to double down on providing the simplest way to access the best DeFi yields at the lowest costs possible.

I firmly believe that the most extensive and safest market for yields will come from Stablecoins, where its growth has weathered through the years despite bull or bear markets. I anticipate continued interest in DeFi with the advent of newer alternatives like algorithmic stablecoin experiments that could open up the market to greater capital efficiencies. While such projects are risky experiments, the potential use cases for a successful implementation can be astronomical.

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about the author
Mervyn Chng

Co-Founder & CEO