Vaults is our robo-advisor for earning on DeFi yields with crypto assets. Go on autopilot as Vaults harvests desired yields autonomously across various automated strategies.

Save time monitoring multiple platforms. Save money on multiple gas transactions.

Set. Relax. Yield. And let Unagii handle the rest.

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No lock-ups. No minimum.
Zero withdrawal fees.
10% lowest performance fee.*
*Performance fee may be subjected to changes. Users will be informed at least one month prior to any rate changes.

Stash Vault

Crypto assets deposited will be rebalanced based on optimized strategies, depending on the risk appetite you choose. All strategies interact safely with Unagii's fully audited smart contracts.

Vaults in Stash invest in yield aggregating strategies that combines both lending pools and bonding curves similar to AMM (Automated Market Makers) liquidity pools to provide highly-efficient trading and low-risk returns.


Providing liquidity to the Curve strategy pools.

*Note: The strategy for this vault may change according to market performance.

Growth Vault

Vaults in Growth allows you to earn maximum yields by depositing various stablecoins or other crypto assets.

Invest in yield aggregating strategies on high-risk alpha strategies that provide highly-efficient trading and yield-generating vaults with governance incentive tokens.


Coming Soon.

*Note: The strategy for this vault may change according to market performance.
Choose vault to yield with

Based on the different strategies and risks associated with each Vault.

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Yield and let Unagii handle the rest!

Just set, relax, and watch your money grow.