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Venture beyond and yield more

Discover the world of crypto across multichain ecosystems and earn yield with the Unagii App along the way.

Yield in a multichain world

Unagii App is a non-custodial yield platform that allows anyone to securely earn on crypto assets with DeFi and staking yields.

Earn fees and incentives across multichain DeFi strategies.
  • Yield farm on autopilot with DeFi Vaults for USDC, ETH, and WBTC on Ethereum*.

Earn rewards from staking across multichain networks.
  • Delegate, stake, and vote in governance**.

*Unagii deploys relatively stable to moderate risk strategies. Smart contract risks do still apply.

**Slashing risks do apply for PoS staking.

Discover unique drops

Labs serves as a mini development studio to spin up fun independent tools, products, and initiatives to drive value in the ecosystems we support.

Learn about Web3 and DeFi

Read our guides and articles to help you navigate crypto and learn about the multichain ecosystems we support.

Join our global community

Engage in conversations with other supporters who are contributing to Unagii’s mission of onboarding millions to crypto.

Explore Library

Guides and articles with key concepts and basic information to navigate the crypto world and the multichains we support.

Explore Yields

Earn with Unagii App on crypto assets from DeFi and staking yields across multichain ecosystems.

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