Introducing Cosmos Network (ATOM) staking on Unagii

Unagii Stake: Cosmos Network. Delegate vote, stake ATOM, earn rewards.

We're happy to share that users can now delegate and stake their ATOM tokens with us on an updated Unagii interface!

Cosmos ATOM staking

Cosmos Network is an ecosystem of connected blockchains and the Cosmos Hub was the first blockchain to be launched. ATOM is the native currency and staking asset for the Cosmos Hub.

By delegating ATOM to*, users (delegators) will be able to contribute to the security of the Cosmos Hub and participate in the on-chain governance voting process. In return, users will earn inflationary rewards and transaction fees denominated in ATOM.

Learn more about staking ATOM on our platform >

How to stake?

  1. Sign up and connect wallet
  2. Delegate and stake
  3. Earn ATOM rewards!

What can you do?

Users can track the amount of ATOM staked with us or other validators, redelegate to us, claim rewards, unstake and monitor unbonding ATOM assets.

* is the official validator and team behind Unagii. Delegation and staking of ATOM was previously available on the soon-to-be deprecated platform.

Updated UI

The updated interface has been an essential focus for us as we continuously work on improving our product design and experience. It was important to bring a more coherent style and cleaner aesthetic. Layouts were adjusted, components were redesigned, and a subtle graphic style was applied instead.

We're still making major improvements to our product for the next launch so if you've got any feedback, we'd love to hear from you too. Drop us an email at or have a conversation with us on Telegram!

So much has been done in the two and a half months since we went live in Beta. Not only have we been prepping to push out more staking networks and iterating on our existing interface, we've also been heavily monitoring the DeFi markets in preparation of what we'll be shipping next.

And we're beyond excited about it!

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