Introducing Kava Labs (KAVA) staking on Unagii

Unagii Stake: Kava. Delegate vote, stake KAVA, earn rewards.

We're happy to announce that users can now delegate and stake their KAVA tokens with us on the Unagii platform!

KAVA staking

Kava is a cross-chain multi-collateral loan platform (CDP) for decentralized finance, powered by Cosmos.

By delegating KAVA to*, users (delegators) will be able to contribute to the security of Kava blockchain and participate in the on-chain governance voting process. In return, users will earn inflationary rewards, CDP fees, and transaction fees denominated in KAVA.

Learn more about staking KAVA on our platform >

How to stake?

  1. Sign up and connect wallet
  2. Delegate and stake
  3. Earn KAVA rewards!

What can you do?

Users can track the amount of KAVA staked with us or other validators, redelegate to us, claim rewards, unstake and monitor unbonding KAVA assets.

* is the official validator and team behind Unagii. Delegation and staking of KAVA was previously available on the soon-to-be deprecated platform.

This December is a very exciting month for the Unagii team. We'll be rolling out the rest of our Tendermint staking networks - good news for our stakers, and have a special release planned before we close out for 2020 too.

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